Holy Wild Ministries home to The Little Country Church and Camp Holy Wild is a non-profit organization with an assignment from our Heavenly Father to be an encouragement to those with whom we cross paths and to tell the world that God loves them and has a plan for our individual lives. We feel called to link arm & arm with others in the Body of Christ to WIN THE LOST, INTEGRATE THE BODY, & NURTURE THE PEOPLE.


At Holy Wild it’s all about the blood plus nothing. Jesus Christ is our sole purpose for living, loving, and doing all things. TLCC is a non-denominational, bible-based church seeking balance in an unbalanced world. We believe that there are many un-churched believers who have yet to find their spot. If you are looking for a church that loves the unlovable and touches the untouchable, come join the Holy Wild Family – where the misfits fit!